Orolia Maritime includes the commercial maritime and Emergency Readiness and Response (ERR) business initiatives within Orolia’s leading Resilient Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) solutions.

Its technology, delivered through the globally recognized brands of McMurdo, Netwave and Kannad, is trusted by commercial shipping companies, local and national governments, maritime organizations, cruise ships, search and rescue teams, and other organizations whose missions include maritime and/or search and rescue programs.

Orolia Maritime includes an unrivalled portfolio of maritime and ERR technology solutions within four powerful mission areas: Fleet Management, Data Capture & Analysis, Emergency Readiness & Response, and Navigation Safety.

These mission areas reflect Orolia Maritime’s extensive heritage of proven maritime technology, including products and services designed to transform the commercial maritime and search and rescue industries. Our powerful technologies ensure safer and more reliable navigation, accelerated rescue in emergencies, and the ability to communicate and track fleet activity in a consistent, real time and cost-effective way.