Omnitracs is an integrated information management system that provides real-time data between the vessel and shore-side operations. The Omnitracs brand conveys trust, recognized for its long and distinguished record delivering highly reliable, low-cost, two-way satellite communications including GPS vessel tracking, messaging, and electronic forms with or without a connected PC/laptop. Bundled with one or more of our fleet management software options, Omnitracs presents substantial value for fleet owners and operators of all sizes. The system is operational in North America, including coastal regions and the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Flexible and Affordable – The most affordable solution in the industry allows customer to choose from a range of monthly data plans. Plans are extremely competitive with low cost monthly plans for a web-based tracking, monitoring, and satellite communications.
  • No Dead Zones – Reliable, durable, and extremely dependable for communications in any area and any weather. Communicate with vessels and crew 24 hours a day for faster billing, efficient requisitions and repairs, and improved operations.
  • Mapping – PRISMA Connect™ puts vessel positions at the fingertips of your dispatchers with current as well as historical vessel location information displayed on a map and on a list. Mile markers, lease blocks and other landmarks are available to display.
  • Simple to Use – Easy-to-use interface for Captains and crew, and you don’t need an IT department to install and maintain the system. In fact, some customers have been using their equipment for many, many years – a great investment.
  • Live Customer Care – McMurdo Fleet Management has a simple customer support policy: When you call, we answer. Live representatives take your calls 24/7/365 to provide immediate assistance and keep your fleet working.
  • Customers can chose either a new Omnitracs system or certified refurbished as an option for greater cost savings.
  • Omnitracs has received type renewal of its certification from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for its enhanced Vessel Monitoring System (VMS).
  • List VMS certified regions and link to reseller page.
  • Product versions are available for either fishing or workboat.
  • Iridium GO! – Low-cost, easy-to-install satellite communications for voice and data via Wi-Fi hotspot for multi-devices
  • KVH mini-VSAT – High speed, high bandwidth satellite communications for full internet, data, and voice
  • PRISMA Connect – Web-based fleet management software solution providing access to fleet-wide data through cellular and satellite communications

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