Ship-To-Shore Communications Solution

OmniCom combines global satellite coverage and 3G cellular least cost routing for reliable and cost-effective continuous ship-to-shore communications. Together with McMurdo’s integrated fleet management software, PRISMA Connect, this system enables complete control of commercial fleet operations in real time, including a robust suite of vessel tracking, two-way messaging, asset/document management and AIS display.

Designed for commercial boats, OmniCom tracks and monitors vessels using the Iridium satellite network. The dome positioned on the exterior of the vessel houses the Iridium transceiver, the GNSS receiver, the cellular modem and electronic interfaces. The junction box located in the wheelhouse serves as an interface between the dome and the power supply and offer I/O ports for connecting ancillary devices.

End-to-End Vessel Monitoring

OmniCom provides fleets with end-to-end visibility from ship-to-shore. Configurable messaging includes position, course, and speed.

Ruggedized for Marine Environments

OmniCom is designed for commercial boats operating in harsh environments. IP-67 beacon rating and integrated, sealed, and protected components ensure continuous operations during inclement weather.

Operational Efficiency

Continuous connectivity enables real-time vessel monitoring, communication and reporting for dispatch and operations to optimize fleet productivity. Over-the-air updates anywhere in the world without taking vessels out of service.

 Lower Costs

Least Cost Routing helps better manage expenses by automatically switching from satellite to cellular coverage when available. System seamlessly changes to satellite when out of cell range so connectivity is never lost. Power consumption is low with 10-36V DC connectivity.

Integrated Safety & Security Features

SOS button is easily accessible to alert authorities in emergency situations. Optional AIS connectivity assists in locating vessels and crew such as in Man Overboard events.

Improved Crew Productivity

Crew productivity improves by transmitting dispatch, change orders, daily logs, reports and other critical information directly to and from the vessel. More time can be spent working the job and less time spent managing paperwork.

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