Medium Earth Orbit Satellite Tracking and Signal Processing


The McMurdo SARSAT MEOLUTs are state-of-the-art systems for acquisition of Cospas-Sarsat distress beacon data relayed by satellites in medium earth orbits. The McMurdo SARSAT MEOLUT is designed to receive and process data relayed by US GPS satellites at S- and L-band, and from EU GALILEO and Russian GLONASS satellites at L-band.

Using state of the art software-defined receiver technology, the McMurdo SARSAT MEOLUTs offer unprecedented flexibility in signal detection and processing. Capable of processing both conventional and next generation 406MHz beacon signals, the McMurdo SARSAT MEOLUTs define the next generation of SARSAT technology and operations.

McMurdo SARSAT MEOLUTs offer the best advantages of conventional SARSAT systems: Instantaneous detection of distress beacons; and immediate location of the beacons using "single burst" processing.

4-Channel MEOLUT at NASA Goddard and 6-Channel MEOLUT at the NOAA Wahiawa Station in Hawaii

"McMurdos' MEOSAR is the next generation is Search & Rescue systems that will save more lives, while reducing SAR operations costs." - Gil Blankenship


  • Satellite tracking and pass scheduling
  • Signal processing to extract beacon data
  • Location processing
  • Communications with MCC
  • Self-test and performance evaluation

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