Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) Satellite Beacon Transponders

Kannad V-Link VMS

The KannadV-Link VMS is a complete Vessel Monitoring System which enables fishing vessels to comply with European regulations by allowing governmental authorities to monitor and track vessels via satellite that are operating within regulated Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ). Designed for the tough marine environment, the VLINK Satellite Beacon Transponder meets worldwide regulations and will transmit the vessel’s ID, position, course and speed to the authorities. Data is transferred to the Fisheries Monitoring Centres via Kannad's dedicated infrastructure platform, which is secured using encryption, ensuring total data confidentiality.

European regulations require that fishing vessels operating within Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) are constantly monitored by Fisheries Monitoring Centres (CSP). The Kannad V-Link VMS is a powerful vessel monitoring system that is easy to manage with a secure, scalable infrastructure to suit the needs of individual governmental authorities. Kannad is a major systems provider and has supplied over 6000 V-Link VMS Satellite Beacon Transponders to fishing vessels and fleets.

Fishing vessels experience some of the toughest conditions on Earth and with that in mind the V-Link VMS Satellite Beacon Transponder has been designed to withstand whatever the sea can throw at it, at temperatures from -20 to +50ºC. The beacon incorporates a powerful 65 channel SKYTRAQ GPS receiver and the internal memory can store position data for up to 90 days. Installation is simple and the kit includes a variety of mounting options to suit all types of vessel. The beacon has a very low power consumption and correct performance can be checked on board using the interface unit which is installed on the bridge.

The Kannad V-Link Vessel Monitoring System uses the Iridium satellite communication network to offer true global monitoring and tracking of the fishing vessel. Kannad operates as the service provider via its dedicated VMS server, which allows the Monitoring Center (CSP) to poll any vessel for an up to the minute status report of position, course and speed and also adjust how often updates are send by the beacons, to collect a position history of a vessel etc. Total data confidentiality is guaranteed using secure encryption and reliability is assured with the use of backup and standby network and system equipment.

  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Low power consumption
  • 65 channel SKYTRAQ GPS receiver
  • Inbuilt backup battery
  • True global monitoring via the Iridium satellite communications network
  • Transmits vessel ID, position, speed and course
  • Position data stored in beacon’s internal memory for 90 days
  • Dedicated VMS server with secure encryption of data
  • Remote polling and modification of frequency that messages are transmitted
  • Advanced management of power supply modes - normal or battery mode
  • Power supply failure, satellite link failure and intrusion detection alarms
  • 24hr customer support helpline

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